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Important Update Regarding iPadOS 14.5


We recently made you aware of an issue that was discovered during testing of Apple’s iPadOS® 14.5 Beta version. Our testing of the Beta version revealed Bluetooth® compatibility issues that prevent the Practitioner and Client Devices from connecting.

Apple has not yet released the public version of iPadOS 14.5, but we expect them to do so later this month.

We have implemented a fix to address this issue and will release an updated Assess app (3.15.3) on 3/18/2021. You must install this update before downloading iPadOS 14.5 to avoid this connection issue when using Q-interactive® on this version.

To address the issue, we made some fundamental changes to the way the two iPad® devices communicate with each other. Up until now, Q-interactive has used Bluetooth to connect the two iPads, to show images on the Client Device, and to register examinee responses on the Practitioner Device. The updated Assess app now uses a combination of Bluetooth and WiFi connections to establish the connection and ensure effective communication between iPads. Therefore, in addition to updating your Assess app on both devices, please follow these additional steps to ensure your two devices connect:

  1. Turn both devices' Bluetooth ON.
  2. Turn both devices' WiFi ON.
  3. If both of your devices are connected to WiFi, ensure that they're connected to the same network.

You still do not need to be connected to WiFi to use Q-interactive, but the WiFi setting in the Settings app must be set to "On" for both the Practitioner and Client Devices to allow them to communicate with each other.

Administering in an "offline mode" is still supported. You do not need to be connected to WiFi or have internet access, but as stated above, you do need to have the WiFi setting in the Settings app set to "On" on both devices.

The updated Q-interactive Assess app will be available to download from the Apple App Store updates on 3/18/2021. Please ensure that you update to this latest app version on both of your devices and that going forward you enable WiFi on both devices when using Q-interactive, even if you are not connected to WiFi.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our Technical Support Team at 800-627-7271.